How to turn on the car air recirculation system without air freshener

Recirculation in the car is not always a working condition, but it is always a plus. Today I will talk about how to get rid of recirculation without air freshener. It would seem that this simple procedure will allow you to spend more money on air conditioning, while reducing the efficiency of operation. However, the manufacturer warns that the operation of the air recirculation system depends on the uninterrupted operation of the air recirculation unit and if it is not turned on carefully, it can lead to a violation of the antiviral system . That is why recirculation is not enabled by default. To understand if your car has it or not, first of all, you need to check the recirculation system. If there is no recirculation, then it must be enabled. Otherwise, the system will not work at all. Why is this necessary? The recirculation system allows you to extend the service life of your car's air conditioner, while at the same time avoiding problems with non-working circulations. In the olden days, car owners simply despaired and despaired of running water trickling into the cabin from the air conditioner. Since in in operation the system changes both inside and outside, there is a fair amount of condensation. It turns out that water that gets inside the air conditioner is a little thicker, it can prevent the condensate from freezing and getting into the cabin. water-ice is practically not a problem to deal with, since it does not flow into the cabin during operation. But what happens if you turn on the recirculation system not in the garage, but in the car park? As a result, condensation can form at the bottom of the car where it freezes, and it is also annoying when it thickens at night. Also during operation, the air conditioner can be turned on or off depending on the road conditions. At night, the power will be switched off, and on if the car is standing on the street, and on the tarmac it can freeze at night. It is best to enable the recirculation in the car park only if absolutely necessary. If you