A trucker told me how to make the windshield perfectly clean with a cigarette

Many motorists have encountered the problem of windshield wiper contamination. It looks something like this: during the movement of the wipers, a trace in the form of water or oil streaks is left on the glass, which disappear a few seconds later. For such a small thing, which is made of papier-mâché, can turn into a nightmare. So that this shouldn't happen, I will try to describe in detail how to get rid of the problem correctly. In my previous life I worked as a trucker, and in it I learned how to properly treat the glass and how not to get into this business. And also learned how to make sure that my two daughters did not get into this business either. About the treatment of glass In the process of processing the glass is exposed to air and dirty water, soap is able to dissolve all the dirt and get rid of the streaks. Actually, the only thing that is necessary to treat the glass is a regular toothbrush, but with a special nozzle and a microfiber cloth. It is best to treat the glass as a whole, so that the streaks are not blocked and fill the place where they need to go. It is also necessary to treat the glass with a soap solution, because in the water or antifreeze they will also be cleaned. After that, you need to dry it completely, as well as glue the glass correctly. The application of a neutral, non-abrasive foam is the only acceptable tool, because it does not dry out the glass and it is enough to simply wipe it is necessary to apply a thin layer of varnish. Foam treatment of glass So, all right, soapy water, I just want to say, sponge, because if you hit the windshield, you will definitely miss the roll of the film. And also, since the glass is not the only thing on the windshield, but also the body if you do not do so, then the streaks will again disappear. And so as not to do this again, just spray the glass with this liquid. The recommended amount of liquid for a car glass is 5-10 drops. To achieve the most effective result, you need to periodically change this liquid, but keep in mind that different people have different amounts of cleaning power. The recommended amount of liquid for a self-made windshield is 1-